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The LEADEM methodology
Is based on a triangle of 3 values




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Our Target: LEADEM Mentoring

The LEADEM methodology is based on the development of 3 initial values:

1) Being an excellent professional

2) Have strong personal values

3) Being involved in social life

Tailor-made “Leadem Mentoring” support

Job search/ Business Project/ Personal
branding/ Positioning/Self-Confidence

We work from a global approach to the human being that will enable us to reach our professional goal. The LEADEM methodology is simple and very effective and is divided into 5 pillars. We dedicate each session to each of the pillars and this is how, in practice, we always obtain the best results.

“Leadem Mentoring” Fees

Individual professional support

Free First Call/Possibility to pay monthly

Our 2 Services to draw up a “Skills Assessment”.

  • Occasional MENTORING support

  • 375 €

    1 Individual Mentoring Session of 3 hours


    This long session is intended for professionals who wish to work on a concrete objective (change career, succeed in a promotion, start a business…).

    Before the session, we ask you to write to us on the subject in question and we will work on it during the 2 and a half hours.

    The session is divided into two parts and is based on the unique principles developed by LEADEM Mentoring:

    – firstly, I will put all my expertise on your side to understand your history, your context, your values, your drivers and your desires (as always, in complete confidentiality and without judgement).

    – During the second part of the session, I will work with you to establish together the solid foundations of your career path for the coming months.

  • Book
  • LEADEM Skills Assessment

  • 375€

    3 hours of individual coaching on your professional and personal project


    The LEADEM Mentoring skills assessment is unique.

    It has been developed so that it does not simply highlight the points of your career path, but creates a strong and coherent whole on which you can build. It will therefore naturally be useful for you to progress in your career.

    To take stock of your desires, your driving forces, your personal and professional, technical (hard skills) and human (soft skills) skills.

    This skills assessment also explores your values, your way of thinking, your interests, your principles to help you get through a difficult period or to accompany you towards your transition period or professional reconversion.

  • Book

Our 3 Services for Professional Development

I Professional Transition

  • Support for Business Creation

  • 1500€

    3 months / 12 sessions / Permanent hotline


    Your passion must correspond to a current need, not yesterday or tomorrow.

    The LEADEM Mentoring method is based on 5 steps where we really work from a holistic approach taking into account your objectives and also yourself, your expectations, your desires.

    We will seriously help you think about your concept, dissect it, do market research, validate or not your hypotheses, validate your target-clients, find a partner, create the structure …

    Everything you need to succeed in this exciting adventure!

  • Book
  • Développer vos Soft Skills et Intelligence Émotionnelle

  • 1500€

    3 months / 12 sessions / Permanent hotline



    3 months / 12 sessions / Permanent hotline


    Soft skills play a key role in getting the promotion you’ve wanted for so long, in building relationships with your CEO, in getting rid of the toxic manager, in becoming a driving force within your group, in achieving a pro-perso life balance that suits you, in knowing how to deal with conflict… They are fundamental and unfortunately not yet! They are not taught at universities, colleges, high schools or secondary schools. However, these skills are more important than technical skills because our ability to negotiate, persuade and convince depend exclusively on our mastery of Soft Skills.

    Throughout our sessions, we will work on each of the soft skills to train you and give you all the keys to the subject. You will discover that by applying them, while keeping your uniqueness, your personality, your life and the impact you create on your environment will change radically (positively of course).

  • Book
  • Reverse headhunting I Job Search

  • 1500€

    3 months / 12 sessions / Permanent hotline



    6 months / 24 sessions / Permanent hotline


    Practical support: This is truly hand-on support, i.e., first we will work on your professional desires, your expectations, your values, your technical skills and your desired pro-life balance and we will look for the companies and positions that correspond to you.

    Reverse headhunting: To optimise your chances and thanks to my experience in headhunting, I present your profile within the selected companies (HR department + specific department for your position). In the case of positioning within your company, we work on how to reach the desired position and how to develop relationships with key people.

    A hotline is in place in case of specific questions without having to wait until the next session.

  • Book

Mentoring Services for Individuals

To Ask For More Information :


Getting to know yourself, understanding your background, experiences and context Understanding your desires, your desired life balance, your aspirations. Recognising the driving values of your career, your commitments.


We present your profile to the HR departments of the targeted companies. We also present your application to the management of the selected companies or directly to the General Management, depending on the position. We work together on your positioning and on the objective to be achieved by defusing potential blockages.


Assess your technical expertise, learn how to showcase it and connect it to your desires. Define your project as a whole and look for the companies, departments and positions that correspond to you.


Regular contact with our clients to understand and then transform your concerns into real opportunities. Guaranteed response in less than 24 hours.

Leadem Mentoring also offers Masterclasses on specific subjects

Questions & Answers

professional organization

Mentoring definition?

Few people know the origin of the word Mentoring. A friend of Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is the tutor of Telemachus, son of Ulysses. Since then, Mentor has been the one who serves as a guide or advisor. In terms of business management, the mentor is the professional who improves the skills and professional success of an individual or a team.

The aim of mentoring is to achieve the objectives defined with the mentee by accompanying him or her, guiding him or her towards his or her ambitions. The mentor makes a commitment to the mentee and puts in place all the necessary tools to achieve the goal. Trust, understanding and confidentiality are essential for the smooth running of mentoring.

There are two types of mentoring: 1- one-time mentoring support for individuals who wish to discuss their career path at a specific point in their lives and more extensive mentoring, 2- mentoring that is long-term and allows the mentor to follow the mentee’s career in detail and to advise and guide him or her.

What is Reverse Headhunting?

Our job search strategy is very innovative because we realise that headhunters do just the opposite, which has proven to be extremely effective. First of all, our approach is to take a real (and not marketing) interest in individuals. This means that we take the time to get to know our clients, to understand their desires, their strengths, their weaknesses, their values, their objectives and even when this is not very clear, we accompany them in the process.

The next step is to target between 15-20 companies that match the client’s criteria and apply for their offer. Since we have a training school, we also contact the companies on our side, which is why we call this strategy: reverse headhunting.

How can you improve your self-confidence?

Self-confidence remains a fundamental subject in professional and personal life and one that we are constantly working on. During the period of professional transition, self-confidence is often forgotten and yet it is a vital time to work on it! In professional reconversion, we are more sensitive, more vulnerable, reacting more quickly to events that seemed secondary to us before. At Leadem, we call this: the roller coaster. We prepare our clients psychologically to become aware of this and minimise the moral impact of the emotional roller coaster.

The most important thing to work on your self-confidence is to take a step back.

What can we do if we are in retraining and, as a result, stressed?

Self-confidence is gymnastics and you have to work on it every day. Any daily situation that affects us emotionally is a golden and free opportunity to practice this step back and transform it into a tool for self-improvement.

Why does support enable you to carry out your professional transition project?

To succeed in his professional reconversion on his own is an arduous task. First of all, the project does not start overnight. Often it is a process that lasts for years.  Professional coaching can speed up this transition and make it happen in just a few months. Already there is a saving of time and money. Secondly, it is very complicated to find one’s own professional path in isolation. The primary goal of our coaching is to get to know you and as a result, the client ends up discovering talents and skills that he had not imagined. In the end, it is a long term job and it is very important to always remain positive but also realistic, this is a magical balance but one that is not often achieved when we start without help. Mentoring allows you to see as clearly as you see only fog, to exchange and to be advised by an excellent expert who has a vision on business management and strategic management.

Training or job search support, what are the differences?

Both the training and the coaching give access to direct and permanent contact with me during the duration of the services. I will advise training for those who wish to make a professional transition but are unable or unwilling to start it immediately. Our training courses are extremely comprehensive and useful, we always use the principle of practical coaching and this is reflected in our courses. So there is no stress if you decide to go this way for the time being! We can always accompany you later!

The coaching, however, is tailor-made for you and we take the time to analyse your personality, your desires, your soft and hard skills and also your project. We will follow you from the brainstorming of the idea to finding your first customers. We will advise you and we will analyse the market with you, your marketing strategy, your target group, your pricing, your competition and your development strategy.

How to have a good quality of life at work?

The quality of working life is very subjective. You may feel a better quality of life while working more hours but be more fulfilled professionally and the opposite, a micromanager will probably exhaust you even if you work fewer hours. The most important thing to find your personal pro-life balance is to manage your schedule. It’s an art but it’s possible! and so satisfying…We have helped many clients by analysing the little details of their personal life that mattered to them, events that we don’t want to miss, activities that we want to include in our planning and rest times. It’s a puzzle, but I assure you that once you’ve found the right pieces, you’ll feel free for the first time in your life!

How to find a teleworking job offer?

Before trying to find a telework offer at all costs, we have to ask ourselves if this is really what we are looking for or rather a job that fulfils us. If the answer continues to be Yes, I would like a job in telework, we must analyse our experience, skills, desires, passions and see if we choose the path of entrepreneurship or the path of the employee. If we need some stability and income right away, it is best to go for the employee path. We will have to use the reverse headhunting technique and make a list of the 20 companies that allow 80-100% of the time to telework (a fast growing trend!!!).

Two very important tips to take into account: 1- In teleworking jobs, your real skills are valued more than your interpersonal skills (even if the latter always remain an asset), which means that you should look for jobs which correspond very well to your know-how. 2- Stay open and flexible. If you speak several languages, the market is vast! And if you have a good CV and are proactive, the opportunity may come up sooner than expected.


How do I find a job around me?

First of all, we should think about the transport time we are prepared to assume. Then, you have to list between 15-20 companies that are within this perimeter and in which you would like to work. Thirdly, define your ideal position (balance between your desires and your requests) and put alerts on LinkedIn and Welcome to the Jungle. Our fourth tip is to review your CV and adjust it according to the position we have defined together. The fifth step is often neglected, but today it is more important than ever: go and see them! They are all around you, so why depend only on digital! Contact your future manager and suggest a meeting! The worst thing that can happen to you is to have a new contact who can be useful to you one day!

What is the purpose of professional advice for setting up a business?

Punctual advice is a very good solution when the individual needs a helping hand and clarification of ideas. A very good mentor will be able after a long and intense mentoring session to guide and advise the individual in his or her choices. If you want to start your own business and you have a clear idea, I would like to give you some advice before you start: you ask yourself the following question: does my passion (my business idea) correspond to a real need of today? or a need of yesterday or tomorrow? If the answer is yes, go for it!

Think carefully about your product, your persona, your pricing strategy, the channels you will use to reach your customers, and above all don’t wait until everything is ready to reach your first customer. Building a business is an exciting challenge that is constantly evolving!

What is the purpose of professional retraining advice?

Vocational retraining is a very fashionable subject these days. However, it is very important to be guided by a good expert, otherwise we run the risk of going backwards and not forwards in our professional career. To find a good advisor, a good mentor, you first need to have a good feeling with the person you are talking to. Of course, the mentor is subject to confidentiality, but you must feel good and confident with your mentor. You need to find him or her to be a good listener, with business and situational intelligence and empathy so that he or she can guide you well. A mentor must be able to guide you in your career transition choices according to your profile (values, desires, experiences, skills, context, etc.) and must take account of you as an individual from a global point of view. If you have been an auditor for 10 years and he tells you to become an auditor for another group, this is not a conversion… He must be able to guide you towards a company and a profession that will enable you to take your career a step further and that will also optimise your past experiences. No professional experience is lost.

Latest info! The 3 changes rule :

Never change sector, country or trade. If you make these three changes, think carefully beforehand because it is very complicated to make them. However, you can always make two out of three.

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